Supremacy TV

— Supremacy League —

All Supremacy TV video material will be published here. The Supremacy League shows are streamed in HD quality whenever the technological infrastructure allows. You will be able to watch the entire galas live right here on Supremacy TV.

Supremacy League V – Medieval Battleground

This is the original stream from Supremacy League V on July 11, 2015 in Gotland, Sweden.

Supremacy League – archive

These are previous shows that are available for free for your entertainment.

— Supremacy Amateur League —

The Supremacy Amateur League events will also be broadcast here. The live versions will not be of pro league quality due to reduced production costs for the amateur events. But they will be fully available on a live premises. They will also be recorded with higher quality cameras and added with high resolution once they have been mastered and edited.

Supremacy Amateur League – archive


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