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The Supremacy Affiliate Program

Supremacy is offering any pro martial arts gym to become an international “Supremacy Affiliate”. The affiliation is completely free of charge and you will gain loads of added value for your gym and your students and fighters. By joining the Supremacy Affiliate Program your gym will become part of an international network with international exchange both for training and for shows and competitions. You will gain immense value for your gym at no expense whatsoever.


These are some of the key takeaways:

-Marketing material. We will provide you with promotional material to be used at your gym, such as plastic banners, t-shirts and other material sent over to you by post. All of which to be used to market your position as an official Supremacy Affiliate to your students and fighters.

-Digital graphics material. We will provide you with the digital material necessary for you to display your Supremacy partnership on your website, in newsletters, and wherever required.

-Prioritized fighter invitations. As a Supremacy affiliate you will receive dedicated pre-invitations by email to all Supremacy League or Supremacy Amateur League events whenever that are in the planning. That way you will have the slim-lined benefit of always getting a pre-chance to submit your fighters for upcoming shows.

-Supremacy events support. As a Supremacy affiliate you will get automatic permission to organize Supremacy League and Supremacy Amateur League events with full support from Supremacy HQ with everything from technical setup and matchmaking to referees. We will help you to get the entire process in order and this way your gym and your fighters will always have the ultimate chance to get maximum fighter representation.
Supremacy events

Join us!

All application will go through a short evaluation process to validate the supremacy of your establishment, so if you are interested in becoming part of an international program for your gym, fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you within a couple of days.

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