Event co-organizers

Our collaborative partners

To be able to launch such geographically diffused festivities Supremacy is cooperating with a vast number of associations and organizations. These are wide-spread internationally and range from local gyms to hotel complexes. Our organizing partners will be continuously presented here as new agreements are established.

Supremacy Rising

For the event Supremacy Rising our lead co-organizing partner is the Stockholm-based gym OneChai Muaythai & K1. OneChai is responsible for the project management of the event and are managing all the functionaries and volunteers at the event. At Supremacy Rising OneChai is also partially partnering with Strike Boxing Club and Stockholm Kickboxing Club.

Becoming a co-organizer

Are you interested in establishing Supremacy League in your own region? Contact us and we will help you getting started with everything you need to know to run your own top-notch pro Supremacy kickboxing gala. Our specialty is organizing methodology and structure, while what we require from you is the local presence and manpower.

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