Supremacy League V – Medieval Battleground



Supremacy League V was held on the historic and luxurious holiday island Gotland, Sweden in collaboration with the Gotland Budo & Martial Arts Federation topping off the newly initiated annual Martial Arts Week.The event was a full contact K1 show and contained fights with the Swedish and international elite in A- and B-class (pro and semi-pro).

Supremacy TV

The is the video stream from the show. Please enjoy and share. (The first fight begins 30 min into the stream, so don’t hesitate to jump forward.)

Fight card

This is the fight card for the Visby Fight Night. The card contains nothing less than a plethora of international top fighters, with a crescendo of a WKN world title fight and a Swedish pro title, accompanied by state of the art international super fights.

6. WKN K1 Pro world title fight

6. fightcard - Bougamza vs Birics

5. Swedish WKN K1 Pro title fight

fightcard - Zangana vs Rama

4. Supremacy Muses title fight fight

5. fightcard - Olofsson vs Pinto

3. International K1 Pro super fight

3. fightcard - Hoang vs Fluck

2. Swedish K1 Pro super fight

fightcard - Chorr vs Siraj

1. Swedish K1 Pro prestige fight

1. fightcard - Soliman vs Snell

Photo gallery

Photos from Supremacy League V. Courtesy of photographer Daniel Beronius.

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