Supremacy Amateur League XIII

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Supremacy Amateur League XIII was held in Stockholm, Sweden by Supremacy partner gym OneChai Muaythai. The competition ran on May 16, 2015 at Bergsunds Strand 37. The event contained full contact muaythai fights C-class with a couple of D-class pre-fights.

Fight card

This is the final fight card and results from Supremacy Amateur League XIII.


NrWeightClassRed CornerGymBlue CornerGymResult
NrWeightClassRed CornerGymBlue CornerGymResult
1-60 kgD JuniorAlbin PerjosOneChai MuaythaivsAnton BergOlympia Kampsportcenter
2-63,5 kgDNattaphong Phengjantha5-Star MuaythaivsMichael TonningStockholm Muaythai3-0
3-75 kgDAlbin ThurapangFalu MuaythaivsLinus BjorkTierp Muaythai2-1
4-65 kgDLisa TållhedenOneChai MuaythaivsIda ErikssonOlympia Kampsportcenter3-0

Main card

Supremacy TV

This is the live stream from the event which will also be available in HD through Supremacy League’s YouTube channel once edited and posted.

Photo gallery

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