Supremacy Amateur League VII



Supremacy Amateur League VII will be held in Tumba, Sweden by Supremacy affiliate Tumba Muaythai. The competition will run on August 16, 2014 at Storvretshallen on Odlingsvägen 36 in Tumba. The event will contain muaythai fights in B- and C-class.

Fight card

This is the final fight card for Supremacy Amateur League VII.


These were the pre-fights in D-class and Junior that preceded the full contact main card.

NrWeightClassRed CornerGymBlue CornerGymResult
NrWeightClassRed CornerGymBlue CornerGymResult
1-67 kgC JuniorDersim ParlakSouth Side MuaythaivsChristian OdeshoLotus Muaythai0-3
2-48 kgDSara FriskTumba MuaythaivsSandra GodvikDIF0-3
3-57 kgDFrida LindbergSilverstadens KampsportcentervsTherese TengerstromMarsta Alliance3-0

Main card

These were the main fights of Supremacy Amateur League VII.

NrWeightClassRed CornerGymBlue CornerGymResult
NrWeightClassRed CornerGymBlue CornerGymResult
1-63,5 kgCEmelie BjelkmarkTumba MuaythaivsTora GronbergSamurang FightcenterRSC rd2
2-57 kgCJohanna RydénSilverstadens KampsportcentervsHanna SahleSweden Top Team2-0
3-91 kgCFaris LukovicSamurang FightcentervsChristian MalmDIF2-0
4-63,5 kgCMikael KarlssonTumba MuaythaivsJonathan AmanOneChai MuaythaiRSC rd 3
5-67 kgCSompong Juie KrongchuenTumba MuaythaivsJack ErikssonLotus Muaythai0-3
6-71 kgCMarc ZachOneChai MuaythaivsPeter GeliusDIFRSC rd1
7+91 kgCPedro Piñones-ArceTumba MuaythaivsMarten SigneulSouth Side Muaythai0-3

Supremacy TV

The full fights from the event are available here and on Supremacy League’s YouTube channel. Feel free to enjoy and share.

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Photo gallery

View various photos from the fights below. Photos are credited to Supremacy photographer Jörgen Jönsson.

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