Supremacy Amateur League I



OneChai gymThe first Supremacy Amateur League competition was held in Stockholm, Sweden by Supremacy affiliate OneChai Muaythai. The competition ran on February 1, 2014 at Bergsunds Strand 37. The event contained muaythai fights in both D-, and C-class.

Fight card and results

This was the final fight card and the results from Supremacy Amateur League I.

NrWeightRed CornerGymBlue CornerGym(Result)
NrWeightRed CornerGymBlue CornerGym(Result)
1-67 kgLiam ThuringMärsta AlliancevsLars WibergDalarnas Muaythai3-0
2-75 kgJohan AmnellTierps MuaythaivsKoray DalerSouth Side MuaythaiDraw
3-63,5 kgSara BergqvistSouth Side MuaythaivsMysan ÅkerstrandStockholm Kickboxing0-3
4-57 kgNathalie AnderssonDalarnas MuaythaivsDalia AliOlympia KampsportcenterRSC rd1
5-75 kgChrister GranströmOneChai MuaythaivsOskar GustavssonKarlskrona Muaythai2-1
6-75 kgPhilip WallingTierps MuaythaivsDaniel ChamorroSouth Side Muaythai2-0
7-81 kgKevin KävlingOneChai MuaythaivsPhilip BroddSouth Side Muaythai0-2
8-75 kgNick MansellKarlskrona MuaythaivsRemy ZangaStockholm Kickboxing0-3

Supremacy TV

These are the videos of all the fights from the event. Enjoy and share!

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Photo gallery

Here are various photos from the event. Kudos to OneChai photographer J.H. Jönsson for taking and preparing the photos.

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