Amateur rankings

The Supremacy amateur ranking system

The foundation

This is the ranking of Supremacy Amateur League. Any fighter participating in a full contact fight in the amateur league is eligible to gain ranking points. Any winner of a Supremacy amateur C-class fight (with protection) gets 2 points, while the loser gets 1 point (for the merit) – a 2-1 split. A draw is valued with a split of 1 point for each fighter. Any winner of a Supremacy amateur B-class fight (semi-pro, without protection) gets 3 points, while the loser still earns 1 point. A Supremacy Amateur League fighter has to keep competing to remain at his ranking position. Relying on old performance will not do. Hence ranking points will drop three years after the date they were retrieved. Light contact and D-class fights are perfectly allowed at Supremacy Amateur League competitions, but does not provide any ranking points and are added to the undercard. Ranking points are only provided for full contact fights (C- and B-class level). Win by disqualification still qualifies as a valid fight (even for the disqualified fighter), but a walk-over does not.

Priorities at equal points

To separate fighters with the same score in a weight division, the following principles are applies where only each latest fight is compared:
1. A B-class fight ranks above a C-class fight.
2. A fighter with a 3-0 win scores higher than a 2-1 win. (Same principle goes with 2-0, K.O., etc.) A clearer win gives more value than a less clear win. Only the last fight for each fighter is compared.
3. If everything is still equal between two or more fighters, then chronologically more recent fights score higher.

Amateur titles

Any fighter with a ranking score over 10 and who is top ranked in a weight-division can be granted to fight for the Supremacy amateur title. Any fighter with a score over 10 can always apply to fight for the title, but higher ranked fighters will always be asked to get the shot before the request is granted. A #1 rank can always ask a #2 rank to go for the title, but if #2 turns it down, the request goes to #3 (assuming that fighter has a 10+ ranking score.) Any amateur title must be applied to from the event organizer to Supremacy HQ and approved by the same.

Current rankings – Men

Flyweight -51,0 kg

Featherweight -57,0 kg

13Aziz AbdullahTumba MuaythaiSweden
21Zoran MilicVastras KCSweden

Lightweight -60,0 kg

14Jonathan AmanOneChai MuaythaiSweden
23Sebastian GonzalezNorrtalje MMASweden
32Amer MesicMTCSweden
41Andre TancoLotus MuaythaiSweden
51Aziz AbdullahTumba MuaythaiSweden
61Joakim SvenssonFenix KampsportSweden
71Markus Hyvén5-star MuaythaiSweden

Light welterweight -63,5 kg

14Jack ErikssonLotus MuaythaiSweden
23Amnart LindholmTiP MuaythaiSweden
32Jonathan AmanOneChai MuaythaiSweden
42Ervin KljakoSupremacy Gym NorrtaljeSweden
52Porour ArielussonVBC IcelandIceland
62Hussein IbrahimSweden Top TeamSweden
72Otabek ErgashewLotus MuaythaiSweden
81Ali MenhvasSlagskeppetSweden
91Henrik SoderqvistDoksuri IFSweden
101Mikael Bengtsson12 Kings MuaythaiSweden
111Mathias HofvanderMora MuaythaiSweden
121Markus Hyvén5-star MuaythaiSweden
131Mikael KarlssonTumba MuaythaiSweden
141Viktor AnderssonSupremacy Gym NorrtaljeSweden
151Johan Nörgaard5-star MuaythaiSweden

Welterweight -67,0 kg

14Peter GeliusDIFSweden
23Jonas BerglundDrakstadens MuaythaiSweden
33Akram AshirovVastras KCSweden
43Stefan LissDalarnas MuaythaiSweden
52Christian OdellLotus MuaythaiSweden
62Marcus KenstamStockholm KickboxingSweden
72Martin OrlerAllstars gymSweden
82Jack ErikssonLotus MuaythaiSweden
91Fadi MansourStockholm MuaythaiSweden
101Kristoffer LindstromHiltiSweden
111Riben DofukoLotus MuaythaiSweden
121Sompong Juie KrongchuenTumba MuaythaiSweden
131José ArrayaDIFSweden
141John MalmGavle IFSweden
151Fabian PetterssonTierps MuaythaiSweden

Light Middleweight -71,0 kg

13Jacob AdaiTeam EastSweden
23Erik LehmanDIFSweden
33Tim WallbomSvea MuaythaiSweden
43Anton AkermanHilti UppsalaSweden
52Marc ZachOneChai MuaythaiSweden
62Saemundur MargeirssonVBC IcelandIceland
72Daniel KraljevicMalmo MuaythaiSweden
82Patrik AlfredssonDIFSweden
91Jamroen KarlssonKarlskrona MuaythaiSweden
101Marcus ErikssonHalmstad ErikssonSweden
111Nazim KazemFreestyle Academy SwedenSweden
121Viktor AnderssonSupremacy Gym NorrtaljeSweden
131Fredrik OskarssonVaggeryd MTBSweden
141Jonny KarlssonPrimate LoungeSweden
151Peter GeliusDIFSweden
161Sasa DimitrijevicFight Club StockholmSweden

Middleweight -75,0 kg

110Philip WallinTierps MuaythaiSweden
23Birgir Por StefanssonVBC IcelandIceland
33Armin AkbariVBCSweden
43Remy ZangaStockholm KickboxingSweden
53Karrar KannaryNorrtalje MMASweden
63Christer GranströmOneChai MuaythaiSweden
72Otebek ErgashevSweden Top TeamSweden
82Rikard NorlénSlagskeppetSweden
92Constantin NangaRonninge Salem KampsportSweden
102Reber AlwandSweden Top TeamSweden
111Jan SalminenTurku TBC Finland
121Tobias LindorffHudik MuaythaiSweden
131Oskar GustavssonKarlskrona MuaythaiSweden
141Daniel ChamorroSouth Side MuaythaiSweden
151Petter AlmAllstars GymSweden
161Bastri VeseliVBCSweden
171Lukas JungLukas JungSweden
181Tadas PranckunasFalu MuaythaiSweden
191Nick MansellKarlskrona MuaythaiSweden

Light Heavyweight -81,0 kg

14Patrik AlfredssonDIFSweden
23Robert KrantzVaxjo TitansSweden
33Kevin KällvingOneChai MuaythaiSweden
43Axel StromDalarnas MuaythaiSweden
53Andreas BergDIFSweden
63Philip BroddSouth Side MuaythaiSweden
73Tommy BlombergNorrtalje MMASweden
82Mitchell NetterbergNak Muay VarbergSweden
92Anders BergDIFSweden
102Salim MvungiOlympia KampsportcenterSweden
112Bo Valdemar NorgrenPrimate LoungeSweden
121Emil MickelssonStockholm MuaythaiSweden
131Keiwan AdibiHalmstad MuaythaiSweden
141Gustav StrandellHudik MuaythaiSweden
151Ante BergDIFSweden
161Karrar KannarySupremacy Gym NorrtaljeSweden
171Roger LandstromSandvikens MuaythaiSweden
181Halmat EbrahimGavle IFSweden
191Ragnar StenbergHilti UppsalaSweden
201Christoffer LundqvistSvea MuaythaiSweden
211Kristian HaryuKarlskrona MuaythaiSweden
221Moe AhemadLoyalty MuaythaiSweden

Cruiserweight -86,0 kg

13Christian MalmDIFSweden
23Ricky DhillonDIFSweden
32Arte CherninOlympia KampsportcenterSweden
41Lamin CeesaySweden Top TeamSweden
51Ragnar StenbergHilti UppsalaSweden
61Pedro Pinones-ArceTumba MuaythaiSweden

Super Heavyweight +91,0 kg

13Alexis PalaciosNorrtalje MMASweden
21Ricky DillonDIFSweden

Current rankings – Women

Flyweight -51,0 kg

12Sandra GodvikDIFSweden
21Viktoria BouvinFC WarbergSweden

Bantamweight -54,0 kg

16Michelle RubinAllstars Training CenterSweden
25Sofia MattsonTullinge MuaythaiSweden
33Frida LindbergSilverstadens KampsportcenterSweden
43Therese SnellOneChai MuaythaiSweden
52Claudia SenlakHalmstad MuaythaiSweden
62Latifah SolimanTumba MuaythaiSweden
71Sanni NurminenLahti TBC Finland
81Anna HöglundSlagskeppetSweden
91Jennie ErikssonHudik MuaythaiSweden
101Marta LundbergDIFSweden

Featherweight -57,0 kg

13Dalia AliOlympia KampsportcenterSweden
22Emelie LekebjerReal FighterSweden
32Johanna RydénSilverstadens KampsportcenterSweden
41Hanna SahleSweden Top TeamSweden
51Lisette KyronenGaruda MuaythaiSweden
61Nathalie AnderssonDalarnas MuaythaiSweden

Light Lightweight -60,0 kg

13Linn WennergrenCrudo MuaythaiSweden
22Patricia AxlingStockholm ComradesSweden
31Jennie FribergDIFSweden
41Johanna RydénSilverstadens KampsportcenterSweden

Light Welterweight -63,5 kg

14Nina MilosevicFreestyle Academy SwedenSweden
23Tora GronbergSamurang FightcenterSweden
33Mysan ÅkerstrandStockholm KickboxingSweden
41Mikaela WigertAllstars GymSweden
51Sara BergqvistSouth Side MuaythaiSweden
61Emelie BjelkmarkTumba MuaythaiSweden

Light Middleweight -71,0 kg

13Laressa van EmdenLahti TBC Finland
21Anna StrandbergTiP MuaythaiSweden
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