Supremacy League

What it is

Supremacy League is a pro martial arts gala series under the Supremacy concept. Supremacy League is an ambulating event series that is organized in different locations all over the world to help give the concept an international touch and to give fighters and audiences everywhere an opportunity to visit the events live. Through its network of organizing partners Supremacy League is professionally organized in major cities throughout the world with the same qualitative concept at every venue.

Main focus

The Supremacy League events are focusing on elegance and exquisiteness at the physical events. The arrangements are always in fashionable establishments and tickets are limited and exclusive by character and are most commonly available as three-course dinners at VIP tables and as ringside seats. Meanwhile – to reach the wider audience – every event is broadcast live and also available on-demand via Supremacy TV, Supremacy’s own network channel.

Supremacy divisions

The Supremacy League is running its own pro championship feature where the absolute leading champions can be promoted to battle for the Supremacy championship belts. The Supremacy divisions are limited to five divisions – three male divisions and two female divisions – and becoming a Supremacy Champion is as tough as any international pro title. The official divisions are:

  • Supremacy Olympians (male, -64,500 kg)
  • Supremacy Titans (male -69,100 kg)
  • Supremacy Gigantes (male -75,000 kg)
  • Supremacy Muses (female -54,000 kg)
  • Supremacy Amazons (female -60,000 kg)
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