Supremacy Amateur League

What it is

Supremacy Amateur LeagueSupremacy Amateur League is the “feeder” series for the pro league. The amateur series aims to showcase and promote upcoming amateurs and give them a chance to enter the pro circuit if successful. Supremacy Amateur League events are not high-profile galas like Supremacy League and are organized on a more frequent basis by local gyms in local arenas or in gyms. Amateur fights are most commonly conducted with protective head gear and shin guards in what is called “C-class”, but are otherwise full contact just like pro fights. For B-class fights who are at the semi-pro level there is no defense gear, but the level of the fighters still have to remain at amateur level. Any gym in any country is welcome to organize Supremacy Amateur League events, just contact us to find out what the requirements are and to take part of the guidelines. Any frequent fighter can sooner or later get the chance to fight for a Supremacy amateur title. Read more about the amateur ranking system below.

The Supremacy amateur ranking system


The amateur league has a pro-like ranking system to better showcase more frequent and successful fighters. The general scoring is simple; Every winner of a Supremacy amateur fight gets 3 points for B-class and 2 points for C-class, while the loser gets 1 point (for the the merit) regardless of class. A draw is valued with a split of 1 point for each fighter.

Three-year drop rule

A Supremacy Amateur League fighter has to keep competing to remain at his ranking position. Relying on old performance will not do. Hence ranking points will drop three years after the date they were retrieved.

Full contact fights only

Light contact and D-class fights are perfectly allowed at Supremacy Amateur League competitions, but does not provide any ranking points. Ranking points are only provided for full contact fights (B-class and C-class level).

Becoming a Supremacy Amateur Champion

Any fighter with a ranking score over 10 and who is top ranked in a weight-division can be granted to fight for the Supremacy Amateur title. Any fighter with a score over 10 can always apply to fight for the title, but higher ranked fighters will always be asked to get the shot before the request is granted. A #1 rank can always ask a #2 rank to go for the title, but if #2 turns it down, the request goes to #3 (assuming that fighter has a 10+ ranking score.)

Supremacy amateur weight divisions

Even if the Supremacy pro League only has a limited number of weight divisions, the amateur league follows the standard weight-class format.

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