About Supremacy

What it is

Supremacy is a pro kickboxing concept aiming at providing the top standup martial artists of the world a scene on which to mutually and spectacularly interact in the spotlight of the public. Supremacy is a cover-to-cover concept focusing on creating high-level events with the participation of leading champions and with global visibility.

What is so special about Supremacy?

Supremacy only invites proven and validated champions of any style and let them rumble it up under common rule systems. The main attention of Supremacy is to present a platform for the best kickboxing athletes in the world and to create dedicated qualitative room for them in the public eye.

Supremacy is enjoying an international network enriched by leading kickboxing organizations. This network gives Supremacy fighters outstanding opportunities for global state-of-the-art battles and title bouts. The combination of a strong fighter network and a strong fighter setting improves the uniqueness of Supremacy. We help to create opportunities.

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